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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Bung Karno Mandate

Bung Karno Mandate Regarding international relations

• Smoking Politics is not a neutral political position if seeking war broke out; free political neutrality is not a politics without having the color of Belgrade; free politics is not meant to be a buffer state between two giant blocks.
[Non-Aligned Summit, Belgrade 1-9-1961]

• Politics-free means of active devotion to the noble goals of freedom, eternal peace, social justice and freedom for independence. He is a determination to serve this purpose: it congruent with the social conscience of man.
[Non-Aligned Summit, Belgrade 1-9-1961]

• Politics of Non-Aligned is our dedication to actively struggle for independence of the sublime, for an everlasting peace, social justice and freedom for

Friday, June 10, 2011

Aphorisms Bung Karno

Collection of Aphorisms Bung Karno President

(1945 - 1966)

"Give me an old 1000 people, will undoubtedly semeru I pulled from the roots, give me a youth, would inevitably kuguncangkan world." (Bung Karno)

"No one has to count: how lucky that I got later from the Republic, if I struggled and sacrificed to defend it." (Speech Anniversary of the Proclamation of 1956 Bung Karno)

"Make this deritaku as a witness, that the power of a president even if there are limits. Due to the lasting power is the power of the people. And above all is the power of God Almighty. "(Sukarno)

"If someone is still inside there is a sense of shame and fear to do any good, then the guarantee for the individual is not going to meet it with a step of progress." (Bung Karno)

"Big nation is a nation that respects their heros." (10 Nop.1961 Heroes Day Speech)